Rodney Wiltshire

Solar Electrical Engineer in Troy, NY

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Rodney Wiltshire was born and raised in South Troy. During his early days, Rodney Wiltshire lived in the Troy Hill Apartments on Thompson St. As a young boy, he played little league for South Troy and was a patrol leader in Boy Scout Troop 502, a position that helped him develop leadership skills. During this time, Rodney Wiltshire also developed a love for the outdoors.

Later, Rodney Wiltshire and his sister became paper carriers for the Troy Record. He also worked as a lifeguard and pool supervisor at the South End Pool.

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Renewable Energy
March 10, 2023

Why is Renewable Energy Important?

Renewable energy is energy that comes from sources that will not run out for a long time. This includes hydropower, solar energy, and geothermal power. These sources of energy have many benefits and are a great way to help the environment and our economy. They also create jobs and improve the quality of life in […]

Rodney Wiltshire
January 5, 2023

Can Renewable Energy Save the World in the Future?

There has been an increasing number of debates on whether or not renewable energy technologies can help save the world in the future. Some people believe that the cost of these technologies is too high, while others claim they can make a positive difference to the environment. This article discusses the various aspects of these […]

December 12, 2022

How Renewable Energy Can Save the World

Using renewable energy is an important part of saving our environment, and it is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint. In this article, we’ll discuss three forms of renewable energy, hydroelectricity, wind turbines and concentrated solar power. These types of energy sources are cleaner, cheaper and greener than any other form of energy […]

Energy in the World
December 9, 2022

Who Consumes the Most Energy in the World?

Almost everyone in the world uses energy. This includes homes, businesses, industries, and more. But how does the consumption of energy affect our environment? China During the past two decades, China has become the world’s second-largest electricity producer and the most significant energy importer. In July of 2021.1, China’s primary energy consumption was 1.6 times […]

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