About Me

Rodney Wiltshire was born and raised in South Troy. During his early days, Rodney Wiltshire lived in the Troy Hill Apartments on Thompson St. As a young boy, he played little league for South Troy and was a patrol leader in Boy Scout Troop 502, a position that helped him develop leadership skills. During this time, Rodney Wiltshire also developed a love for the outdoors.

Later, Rodney Wiltshire and his sister became paper carriers for the Troy Record. He also worked as a lifeguard and pool supervisor at the South End Pool.


Rodney Wiltshire attended School 16, Doyle Middle School, and Troy High School, each a public school in his local community. As a Troy High School student, Rodney Wiltshire worked on the school newspaper. He was very involved in music and also acted in the high school musical each

Additionally, Rodney Wiltshire lettered on the Troy High School football and track teams, where he competed as a running back and jumper, respectively. Upon graduating high school, Rodney Wiltshire enrolled at Cornell University, where he studied and majored in Electrical Engineering and earned a Bachelor of Science degree.

Rodney Wiltshire enjoyed a successful student tenure at Cornell, where he excelled in several areas, including music, theater, athletics, and academics. He gained valuable skills and experience as an undergraduate, many of which he would utilize throughout his career. Rodney Wiltshire’s academic career also put him in a great position to solve problems, work as part of a team, and persevere through some of the most challenging situations.

As a Division 1 Cornell athlete, Rodney Wiltshire lettered in both football and track and field. Additionally, he made many lifelong friends from his fraternity, Sigma Alpha Mu, during his tenure, many of whom he is still in touch with today.

Following graduation, Rodney Wiltshire started working for an engineering company in New York.


After some time as a software engineer, Rodney Wiltshire decided to concentrate on power systems engineering.

Since then, Rodney Wiltshire has enjoyed a successful career in engineering, working for some of the biggest companies in the world. He has also been involved in various startups and has been a part of several innovative ventures.

At one point, Rodney Wiltshire worked for the U.S. Navy in the Nuclear Program and the N.Y. Independent System Operator in the Electricity Markets and the State's electrical grid. He also enjoyed a brief stint within the air travel industry, where he did airline optimization for route efficiencies.

Rodney Wiltshire and his wife Jolene started Empire Solar, a solar development company, in 2007. Since then, he has closed over 100MW of solar projects. He has also overseen the development and installation of over 250MW. This makes him one of the most experienced solar developers in New York State. As such, Rodney Wiltshire was inducted into the Business Review's Forty Under 40 class of 2010.

Empire Solar is a company specializing in developing, installing, and financing solar projects for residential, commercial, industrial, governmental, and utility customers. Empire Solar, owned by Rodney Wiltshire and his wife Jolene, has a team of experts passionate about helping their clients save money, reduce their carbon footprint, and become more sustainable.

Family Life

Rodney Wiltshire met his wife at singing competition in Albany, NY before getting married in 2004. Together, they went on to buy their first house in Troy. They are blessed with two sons.

Wiltshire is a family man who values time with his loved ones. He can regularly be found attending Life.Church, school meetings, and political and community events with his family's company.


During his free time, Rodney Wiltshire enjoys playing the guitar, singing, working out, learning about history, hiking, and cryptocurrency. He also loves coaching and spending time at sporting events where his sons compete. Rodney Wiltshire also loves the outdoors and spending time in nature.


Rodney Wiltshire has contributed significantly to philanthropy with his time and resources. Rodney Wilshire was elected to the Troy City Council and served as its President, where he led the council majority, authored and passed many pieces of legislation which benefited the City of Troy, New York.

Rodney Wiltshire has been involved in various charities and fundraising events over the years. Some of the nonprofit organizations he has worked with include Capital Roots, Habitat for Humanity, United Way, the American Red Cross, and many others.

Rodney Wiltshire has dedicated his life to making a difference.


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